yAnselmian Council

Who We Are:


The yAnselmian Council is a group of young alumni leaders, who have graduated in the last ten years (2012-2021).  This group works to create engagement opportunities and increase philanthropic education among other young alumni.

The Council's mission is to advance the leadership of young alumni in order to continue a lifelong relationship with Saint Anselm College, to continue the success of the Alumni Association by staying engaged and connected with one another.

Over the past two years, the yAnselmian Council has attended events with students, been representatives of young alumni at larger events, brainstormed ways to engage the yAnselmian population, and have raised gifts of over $3,000 for the colleges Annual Days of Giving.

Our Goals:


The Council has created three ambitious goals that will help keep young alumni engaged, whether at events or with giving, with the College. The yAnselmian Council talks about these goals on a monthly basis and has a dedicated committee for each goal to ensure that progress is being made. Our goals are as follows:

Branding and Communications: To promote the yAnselmian brand in a cohesive manner and provide a solid resource for young alumni. Be a resource for our alumni to be able to reconnect with us and learn about how to stay connected on and off the Hilltop. 

Education and Mentoring: Provide resources and education for young alumni (including current Saint Anselm seniors), on why it is important to stay involved. Mentoring opportunities are provided for Saint Anselm students to meet with Anselmians in the working world. Educate young alumni on what it means to give back, whether it is through time or money.

Events and Engagement: Propose events that will promote more yAnselmian attendance and engagement. Develop strategies to improve events and event communications to appeal more to young alumni.

Class Representation:


The yAnselmian Council is made up of twenty-five alumni from the most recent grad years (2012-2021). On the Council, we aim to have no more than three representatives from each class year to ensure that voices are heard and we have equal representation of the years. In saying that, we would love for members of the class to be involved in other ways. If you are interested in getting involved or see that your class does not have three representatives and you would like to join the Council, please reach out to us! 


You can reach out to any of our Council Members (see below) or reach out to the Office of Alumni Relations at yAnselmian@anselm.edu or 603-641-7220 with any ideas or interests. 


Meet the yAnselmian Council 

Burke Bero '12



 Lyndsay Robinson '14


Alumni Council


Mary Nelson '12



Christopher Tinsley '13

Alumni Council


Greg Merrill '14


Ari Lehner '15


Kelly Lesiczka '16



Kelsey Walsh '17



Craig Chalifour '18


Jack Heintzelman '18



Caroline Ihlefeld '20


 Kat Bourque '14



 Kristen MacNeil Mambro '12



 Chris Chapman '13



 David McKillop '15



 Donald Stokes, Jr. '17

Alumni Council



 Emma Bishop '18



 Nicole Francischelli '18


 James Bloor '19



Colleen Reilly '20


Samantha Riley '21



Eleni Rizos '21



Joseph Venuti '21



If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or ideas for yAnselmian programming, please contact us at yAnselmian@anselm.edu or 603-641-7220.