Mission Makers

The mission of Saint Anselm College is as clear as it is compelling: “Saint Anselm is a Catholic, Benedictine college providing all its students a distinctive liberal arts education that incorporates opportunities for professional and career preparation. It does so in a learning community that encourages the lifelong pursuit of the truth and fosters intellectual, moral and spiritual growth to sustain and enrich its graduates' personal lives, work, and engagement within local, national, and global communities.”

No matter how clear and compelling the mission statement may be - unless the values that support and inform the mission come to life, they remain clear and compelling words, but nothing more. It takes creative and generous people to reflect on the meaning of the words and take the next step, a bold step, to translate the words, values, and ideals into something meaningful. In short, they bring the words to life! Now more than ever, our world, our communities, our neighborhoods, our schools, our workplaces, our playgrounds, and our homes need witnesses to the power of the good, the true and the beautiful which is effected when the common good is prioritized over individual gain. Simply put, these people are “Mission Makers”.

Past Mission Makers:

Father Peter Guerin, O.S.B.

Amanda Conger '20 

The Benedictines - the next generation

Hawks Super Fans

Sam Allen

Anselmian First Responders

Susan Belanger Downer ’83

Robert “Bob” Collins ’37, HD ’80