What is yAnselmian? yAnselmian is our term for young alumni who are graduates of Saint Anselm from the last ten years and are an important segment of our alumni network, which consists of more than 22,000 Anselmians nationwide. From the day you graduate until your 10th-year reunion, you are automatically a part of yAnselmian.

Why is being involved as a yAnselmian important? Saint Anselm students are known for being leaders. As our most recent graduates, we want you to continue to be leaders by creating and participating in a vibrant young alumni community by attending events, staying connected, and giving back in the ways that you can.

Attend Events

Each year, the Alumni Office hosts events in New England and around the country, many specifically targeted at young alumni:

  • Homecoming »
  • Christmas Receptions (Boston, NYC, Hartford, DC)
  • Winter Social (Manchester)
  • Reunion » (5th and 10th)
  • Beer and Benedictines: The history of Benedictine beer-making

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yAnselmian Council

Meet your yAnselmian Council.




Stay Connected

It's easy to stay connected to Saint Anselm. Here are just a few of the ways young alumni get involved and give back:




Give Back

Your support funds essential scholarships create one-of-a-kind student experiences and help determine Saint Anselm’s ranking among the nation’s best colleges. Your collective voice as young alumni does so much more than make a difference; it changes lives.

Find out more information about yAnselmian and the Annual Fund here.

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