Volunteer Opportunities

Through the Anselmian Volunteer Network, you have the chance to further your involvement with Saint Anselm College for personal and professional growth. Alumni and parents play crucial roles in the admission process, in offering career development, in the planning and implementation of engagement activities, and by contributing to the longevity of the college.

As an AVN member, you will connect with fellow Anselmians, have a positive impact on current students, and gain a deeper understanding of the college.


Admissions Opportunities

Alumni Representative - College Fairs

Act as an alumni representative for Saint Anselm at a college fair in your local area. Meet prospective students and their families, answer questions that they have about the college, and gather their information to add to our inquiry pool. In addition, visit local high schools in your area to drop off admission materials.


Host or Attendee - Admission Programs

Local receptions for admitted or enrolled students and their families are a great introduction to Saint Anselm. Anselmian alumni, parents, and friends can help by hosting or attending such events.


Caller - Admitted Students

Call students who have been admitted to Saint Anselm, discuss your experience with the College, and answer any questions that they might have.


Book Award Sponsor

Donate $25 to the Saint Anselm College Book Award. This award is given to over 200 high school juniors each year who demonstrate qualities that the College looks for in an applicant.

If you express interest in this program, you will receive additional, detailed information at a later date.



Career Development Opportunities

Industry/Career Experts

Throughout the year, alumni and parent volunteers share their expertise, advice, and career success stories at career workshops, professional development seminars, industry panel presentations, social media discussions, and networking events.

Opportunities to participate may occur both on campus and in our local area.


Corporate Liaisons
We depend heavily on our alumni and parent partners to provide information relating to application procedures, organizational culture, selection processes, and interviewing tips.

A volunteer in this role will serve as a point person between Saint Anselm College and his/her organization.


Select Students and Graduates

We seek to establish and cultivate ongoing relationships with organizations who want to interview and select our students and graduates for internships and full-time jobs.

Employers may post full or part-time intership and job opportunities for students and alumni. We also include other services available to help you in the recruiting process.

College Advancement Opportunities

Regional Volunteer

Regional Networks are a great way to stay connected with Saint Anselm and meet local Anselmians in your own backyard. Become a volunteer with one of our Regional Alumni Networks and help strengthen the Saint Anselm Communitey in your area. Network volunteers help to plan social and career networking events, panel discussions, sports outings, communiter service projects, and more.


Reunion Volunteer

Reunion volunteers are crucial in the success of their Reunion Weekend. Reunion volunteers participate in regular conference calls with committee members and College Advancement staff to review communication strategies and receive planning updates. Volunteers also personally contact members of their class to encourage attendance at Reunion and participation in their class giving efforts.


Outreach Ambassador

Outreach Ambassadors help support College Advancement activities by helping advance the reach and reputation of the College. Outreach ambassadors use social media and other communication vehicles to share Saint Anselm news, accomplishments, and stories. Throughout the year, Outreach Ambassadors also play an important role in major events such as Homecoming, Reunion, Giving Tuesday, Days of Giving, and more!

For More Information

To learn more about the opportunities within the Anselmian Volunteer Network, contact:

Joseph Emmons
Assistant Vice President, Alumni Relations and Advancement Programming
(603) 641-7202